We provide DJ services for weddings and dances in addition to sound engineering for concerts and special events.

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About Us

Thanks to people like you we have grown to be capable of more than most other sound and DJ services! We began by providing wedding reception DJ and emcee services, which, through word-of-mouth, sent us into overdrive after several years. Our services have expended far beyond the DJ realm into wedding ceremony sound systems, concert sound, and various other events, especially those with either live music or with dancing. We supply services and equipment for wedding receptions and ceremonies, schools, public dances and fundraisers, company parties, night clubs and bars, musicians, and live music venues from large to small.

There are two separate realms related to audio that we specialize in:

  • DJ Services for events with dancing (especially weddings)
  • Concerts and special events where a PA system is needed

Business Model

Nearly all of our business comes from either referrals or someone who has seen us work first-hand. We strive to go beyond the expectations of the audience and the people who have hired us, while being easy to work with and as accommodating as possible. We have accumulated a lot of repeat customers who have said they would not want to use anyone else, and in the case of weddings, we get quite a few referrals and calls from guests at past weddings. We believe that "a good reputation is more valuable than money." Through following this model, we have been able to maintain around 100 events per year on the calendar.

After performing successfully at events for over a decade, we have decided that we would rather not advertise (this web site is meant for people who already know about us). We would like to continue doing events for people in our "extended circle," who we have either met personally, they saw us at an event, or they found out about us from someone who was at one of our events.

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